Caring for Puppies

In order to grow healthy pups, need enough nutritious food, one of them is enough to suckle from its kennel. Additionally, you need to know about some things, and do not forget to give a new name to the puppy, to puppy naming tips, you can see in the infographic by Hot Dog Collars.

  • Puppy will look calm enough to drink, and sleep soundly. Meanwhile, if your puppy was restless, noisy and moving erratically, it means he is not getting enough. Beware if afterwards he looked lethargic and just lay without a sound, because we know who the dog started running out of energy.
  • The puppy will experience weight loss during the first 24 hours after birth. This is normal. After a time, he will gain weight. Weighing will double approximately 7-10 days after birth.
  • The first two weeks after birth, the puppies should be weighed every day. Food scales can be used to get the right size.
  • A healthy puppy will experience a weight gain of about 1-2 grams / day, depending on the type. If the puppy does not gain weight, it could be the first sign of an unhealthy puppy.
  • Sign the age of 3.5 weeks, puppies begin to eat soft food. Prepare meals subtle blend of high-quality dry food with 270 ml milk. The food is reasonably to be consumed 6-8 medium-sized puppy.
  • Puppies can be fed as much as 3-4 times per day. Each week, add the amount of dry food and decrease the amount of milk substitutes, hot water and a blender her. Thus, at the age of 7 weeks, puppies are ready to eat dry food.

• When the puppies at the age of 6.5-7 weeks, he should no longer suckle from its kennel, and was able to eat solid food and drinking water, the same as its kennel.